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Comodex - Double Action Mask

Effective Double Action Mask detoxifies and purifies skin while calming and protecting it. This oil and excess sebum absorbing mask deeply cleanses and minimizes pores, fights free redicals and preserves the natural moisture barrier for soothed, refreshed and radiant skin.
Comodex - N Night Treatment

Ideal for treatment of blemish spots directly, Comodex N Night Treatment provides powerful ingredients for treatment and healing process. It also provides exfoliation benefits, helping to smooth skin texture.
Comodex - Purifying Toner

This cooling toner helps to balance oil, problematic skin. Formulated to regulate sebum production, provides antiseptic & cooling benefits so skin is left calm and protected.
Comodex - C Day Treatment

Concentrating on the problematic areas, the effective Day Treatment helps reduce redness, blemishes and excessive sebum secretion. This gel maintains the skin's natural hydration for a matte look and improved skin texture.
Comodex - E Drying Gel

Antibacterial Drying Gel provides an effective non-irritating daily spot treatment without over drying the skin. Decreases excess surface oil and sebum, reduces inflammation, dries and clears existing blemishes.
Comodex - Advanced Hydrating Serum

The Advanced non-oily Hydrating Serum delivers necessary hydration without heavy pore-clogging ingredients, to keep skin clear, soothed and blemish-free without over drying.