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Muse-Milky Cleanser 250ML-Retail Muse -Enchanting Body Cream 250ML-Retail Muse-Rejuvenating Body Oil- Retail 250ML
A light and gentle cleanser designed for removing makeup and dirt. Features refreshing rose flower water that soothes and conditions the skin. Rose Petal and Cotton Bloom extracts maintain and restore the skin’s natural moister, providing it with a clear and soft finish. A delicately unique and light formula that vanishes into the skin, sealing in moisture and essential nutrients. The Rejuvinating Body Oil leaves the skin silky smooth and radiant. The Muse Body Oil is also suitable as a pampering massage oil.
Muse-Illuminating Gommage 75ML-Retail Muse-Beauty Mask 75 ML-Retail Muse-Restoring Eye Cream 30ML-Retail
An effective exfoliating cream that purifies the skin, absorbing deeper impurities and sweeps them away. Illuminating Gommage includes parsley extract which is ideal for clarifying and detoxifying, removing dead skin cells and preventing environmental damage. Designed to optimize the effectiveness of a revitalizing treatment. A high concentration of capuacu butter and flax extract combine their properties
in this greatly comforting and nourishing enriched mask. The rich texture of the
Beauty Mask is designed to shield the skin and restore its vitality supporting a
toned smooth finish.
This unique formula improves blood circulation around the eye couture
diminishing puffiness and the appearance of dark circles. The effective cream
assists in minimizing fine lines, leaving the skin looking fresher and younger like
after a good night�s rest.
Muse-Revitalizing Night Cream 50ML- Retail Muse-Serum Supreme 30ML-Retail Muse-Nourishing Cream 50ML-Retail
An innovative nourishing cream designed to thoroughly moisturize and pamper
all skin types. Contains glycolic acid for boosting cell renewal, radiance and
elasticity and Rose Stem-Cells for actively restoring and rejuvenating the skin
leaving it toned and flawless.
A unique detoxifying formula effectively focusing on protecting the skin against
environmental stress. The serum contains detox active peptides which prevent
extrinsic skin aging and diminish signs of premature aging, leaving the skin with
a healthy youthful glow.
An innovative formula that strengthens the skin�s regenerative abilities, nourishes,
moisturizes and protects the skin using capuacu butter and Corn Flower Extract.
This unique cream leaves skin�s complexion with a youthful elastic texture as well
as a radiant and healthy-looking appearance.
Muse-Absolute Defense 30ML-Retail Muse Ampoules-Retail
This incredibly advanced serum revitalizes the skin, strengthening its natural
defense barrier, directly affecting cells� DNA and protecting it. Based on the
newest and most innovative tool, Telosense Active, the serum assists in
keeping the cells young and healthy, preserving their youthful appearance and
functionality, keeping the skin younger for much much longer.
Day Ampule
A revitalizing and balancing ampule treatment. Features a unique and advanced
detox-peptide and alp rose stem cells which deliver supreme rejuvenation and
hydration providing the skin with a visible younger looking texture.

Night Ampule
This luxurious effective treatment provides the skin with energizing essential
nutrients. Using telosense-active and a rare marine algae extract reinforces the
skin's natural renewal process and restores its state of vitality. The skin will have
that fresh, bright pristine complexion.