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FLC-Facial Wash 200 ML - Retail

Fluoroxygen + C Facial Wash

Clean but not dry!

Gently yet effectively remove makeup and impurities while promoting new cell regeneration with this complex glycolic and lactic acid formula.  Featuring Arbutin to suppress Tyrosinate activity and thereby reduce melanin formation for a lighter even complexion, the Facial Wash prepares skin for optimal lightening reaction to complementary Fluoroxygen+C treatment steps for a thorough cleanse with more immediate and long-lasting lightening results.

Comodex-Purifying Toner 300 ML - Retail

Comodex - Purifying Toner

This cooling toner helps to balance oil, problematic skin. Formulated to regulate sebum production, provides antiseptic & cooling benefits so skin is left calm and protected.

Wish-Facial Wash 200 ML - Retail

Wish Facial Wash

The moisturizing Facial Wash deeply cleanses the skin removing makeup residue, pollutants and accumulated dirt.  This mild facial wash removes dead cells leaving skin clean, soothed, hydrated and moisturized.

Bio Phyto Mild Facial Cleanser 250 ML-Retail

A gentle non-drying gel washes away oil and make-up residue and impurities. Soothes manifestations of discomfort, and leaves the skin feeling clean and comfortable.

Comodex-Advanced Hydrating Serum 30 ML - Retail

Comodex - Advanced Hydrating Serum

The Advanced non-oily Hydrating Serum delivers necessary hydration without heavy pore-clogging ingredients, to keep skin clear, soothed and blemish-free without over drying.

Elastin Collagen-Placental Enzyme Cream 60 ML - Retail

Elastin Collagen Placental Enzyme Cream

A non-oily, light weight cream enriched with natural moisturizing ingredients and vitamins, smoothes and softens the skin for long lasting fresh sensation.

Silk S.O.S Eye Serum 10 ML - Retail

Silk S.O.S Eye Serum

This roller ball application moisturizes without puffiness while lightening and firming delicate skin around the eyes. Can be used day and night and in combination with other eye creams.

Chateau de Beaute - Vino Glory Mask 75ML-Retail

Infused with moisture and vital nutrients, this unique mask will assist in stimulating the skin, providing a perfectly revitalized fresh appearance. Innovative ingredients renew and rejuvenate the skin, revealing a noticeably smoother, firmer, vital complexion.

Bio Phyto Zaatar Cream 75 ML-Retail

A state-of-the art system of botanical extracts and actives. Detoxifies, purifies, balances and supports cellular activity. Soothes irritations, treats flaky skin and moderates sebum levels. Protects against environmental factors, revealing a relaxed, replenished and smooth skin.

Bio Phyto Anti-Rougeurs Mask 75 ML-Retail

A uniquely soothing mask enriched with advanced high-tech botanical actives. Significantly reduces redness. Detoxifies, improves capillary elasticity and strength, cell metabolism, promotes cell regeneration. Reduces puffiness and swellings, and has a calming and comforting effect.

Bio Phyto Enlightening Eye and Neck Cream 30 ML-Retail

A next-generation formula gives the delicate areas an unprecedented treatment. Protects, reducing the visibility of puffiness and dark circles. Reinforces elasticity and micro-capillarity, restores a more luminous and healthier look.

Forever Young -Active Night Eye Cream 30 ML - Retail

Forever Young Active Night Eye Cream

Active Night Cream effectively stimulates cellular regeneration and rebuilds skin tissue overnight. This unique formula builds keratin, promotes protein synthesis and reinforces cell immunity while reversing age-induced skin damage to reveal visibly firmer younger eye contours.

Chateau de Beaute - Vino Sheen Restoring Cream 50ML-Retail

  1. Brimming in moisture properties, this rich day cream is fortified with state-of- the-art ingredients assisting in skin’s overall protection, leaving it soft with a new pristine glow.

Chateau de Beaute - Deep Beauté Night Cream 50ML-Retail

  1. This innovative cream will ensure you wake up to a refreshed looking skin.
    By supremely hydrating and nourishing it and by using natural exfoliates the Deep Beaute’ Night Cream reveals the skin’s youthful appearance with a new sense of vitality.

Chateau de Beaute - Rejuvenating Vineyard Eye Cream 30ML-Retail

  1. This gentle rich cream uncovers a rejuvenated brighter looking eye area. Specially selected ingredients help skin restore its youthful smoothness, improving texture and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.

Chateau de Beaute - Absolute Perfect 30ML-Retail

This powerful age-resistant serum visibly diminishes lines and wrinkles with a unique combination of innovative ingredients, Absolute Perfect will help transform your skin. The treatment is effective and concentrated perfectly to rejuvenate and plump the skin on contact, revealing a firmer, smoother, illuminated appearance.

Chateau de Beaute - Vino Sheen Fusion 30ML-Retail

  1. This effective treatment fills and smoothes your skin blurring the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using a unique combination of youth promoting ingredients, the advanced serum will assist in firming your skin uncovering a smoother, younger and vibrant looking texture.