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Sea Herbal-Beauty Mask - Strawberry 60 ML - Retail Sea Herbal-Beauty Mask - Azulene 60 ML - Retail Fresh-Purifying Toner for Oily Skin 300 ML - Retail
This unique, ultra nourishing anti-aging mask leaves skin as tender and lightly fragrant as a fresh strawberry! A combination of soothing botanicals, including olive-derived squalane and rose hips extract, smoothes away dry surface lines, calms cranky complexions, provides deep hydration and restores radiance to normal, dry and sensitive skin. Luxuriously creamy, the formula stays moist to leave skin revived, rejuvenated and utterly relaxed.
This ultra nourishing non-drying mask helps to soothe the most sensitive skin and diminish redness and irritation. It restores the skin's defense mechanism and fights free radicals for a soft, calm complexion.
This Purifying toner, removes skin residue, exfoliates dead skin cells and disinfects. Soothes and moisturizes while protecting blood vessels and fighting free radicals.
Fresh-Purifying Toner for Normal Skin 300 ML - Retail Fresh-Honey Cleansing Gel 300 ML - Retail Fresh-Milk Cleansing Gel 300 ML - Retail
This Purifying toner cleanses and removes residue traces deep inside the pores. Acts as a natural astringent, exfoliates dead cells and balances the pH while maintaining skin moisture.
This foaming cleanser combines a blend of herbs and delicate activities to cleanse the skin without damaging its natural moisture content. Ideal for oily skin. It leaves the skin clean and soft.
Milk cleansing gel combines a blend of botanicals and actives to create a gentle formula. It cleanses the skin of pollutants and excess oils without damaging the skins moisture content. Leaves the skin clean, soft and comfortable.
Fresh-AHA Cleansing Gel 300 ML - Retail Fresh-Hydrophilic Cleanser 300 ML - Retail Delicate Eye Repair - Retail
An effective deep cleansing gel that removes all facial residues, lightens and sheds dead cells, leaving the skin prepared for a better absorption of essential ingredients.
A Hydrophilic Cleanser that effectively purifies and removes residue without damaging the skin's natural hydration levels while soothing, smoothing and nourishing the skin.
A gentle eye cream that efffectively improves skin elasticity and smoothes away wrinkles while preventing new ones from developing. It repairs photo damage and restores the skin's fluid balance.
Fresh-Purifying Toner for Dry Skin 300ML- Retail Elastin Collagen-Azulene Moisture Cream 60 ML- Retail Porcelan Mask-Astringent 60 ML - Retail
Give your skin all the hydration it needs, without the greasy feeling and shiny look! Our formula contains a mixture of eight moisturizing factors that cooperate in synergy and boosted by Hyaluronic Acid for long lasting hydration. Moreover, we enriched it with olive derived Squalane, Vitamins A and E for fighting against free radicals and promoting the epidermal layer homogeneity which finds expression in a healthy, smooth skin with a uniform texture and a young appearance.
This astringent mask uses a blend of botanicals and potent ingredients to tone and balance the skin. Pores are refined, blemishes are prevented and the complexion takes on a youthful tone and appearance.
Porcelan Mask-Moisture 60 ML - Retail Bio Satin Serum 30 ML - Retail Elastin Collagen-Placental Enzyme Cream 60 ML - Retail
Moisturizing mask for all skin types. Tightens firms and lightens the skin, resulting in a radiant and smooth complexion.
A non-comedogenic formula that immediately creates a radiant velvety texture by smoothing in wrinkles, increasing cell turnover and blood circulation while retaining natural hydration for a long lasting anti aging effect.
A non-oily, light weight cream enriched with natural moisturizing ingredients and vitamins, smoothes and softens the skin for long lasting fresh sensation.
Line Repair-Theraskin+HA Concentrate 30 ML - Retail Retinol E Eye Cream - Retail Retinol E Active Cream - Retail
The New Generation of Theraskin is enhanced with an advanced encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid based on unique patented technology. The encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid enables penetration into deep-down skin layers for effective action. The capsule’s layers gradually open and periodically release Hyaluronic Acid in a controlled manner, for a long lasting effect. This causes a significant rise in the Hyaluronic Acid levels of the skin, which effectively fills out fine lines and wrinkles. The encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid has proved to create a youthful and smooth look within one hour.
A retinol based eye cream fortified with vitamins A, E & C to dramatically reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes for a more youthful look.
An ultra-rich fragrance-free, non-comedogenic cream for all skin types designed to regenerate the face and neck. Instantly penetrates deep into the skin to significantly firm and lift, minimize and smooth wrinkles and post acne scars while evening skin tone.