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Wish-Exfoliating Scrub 75 ML - Retail Wish-Purifying Toner 200 ML - Retail Wish Gentle Cleansing Milk 200 ML - Retail
Wish Exfoliating Scrub gently exfoliates and accelerates skin cell turnover. Use exfoliating scrub to enhance radiance and youthful appearance.
Achieve your ideal balance with this alcohol-free toner. This advanced microemulsion formula cleanses and moisturizes while ensuring that natural oils usually removed during the cleansing process are restored. It gently removes dirt, makeup residue and excess sebum without stinging eyes. Featuring natural Saponaria cleanser and Witch Hazel(Hamamelis) astringent agent as well as Chammomile natural calming agents, skin is thoroughly cleaned, hydrated, moisturized and balanced at your ideal pH for enduring freshness.
Remove unwanted pollutants and signs of aging in one gentle swoop! This oil-free facial cleansing milk delicately removes makeup residue, pollution and dirt accumulated during everyday activity while its glycolic acid effectively removes dead skin cells for a thorough surface cleanse. Its antioxidant (vitamin E) and vitamin A rich formula simultaneously infuse your skin with free radical fighting agents for a clean, rejuvenated and glowing finish.
Wish-Makeup Remover 100 ML - Retail Wish-Deep Nourishing Mask 75 ML - Retail Wish-Night Cream 50 ML - Retail
Wish Make up Remover Gently remove eye makeup with this refreshing, non-oily formula that leaves eyes instantly clean, smooth, calmed and moisturized.
This Deep Nourishing Mask turns back time with powerful natural youth hormones that affect the internal dermal layers and external aging skin symptoms. The oil-free and transparent mask infuses the skin with advanced ingredients that boost skin vitality and healthy cell production, providing epidermal repair and skin barrier regeneration. Lightens and moisturizes the skin inside out while building the internal skin water reservoir for a more supple, rejuvenated appearance.
The innovative Night Cream utilizes powerful age-defying ingredients to maximize and boost the skin's repair and replenishing cycle overnight. This advanced formula will regenerate radiance, restore density and reduce the signs of aging.
Wish-Night Eye Cream 30 ML - Retail Wish-Day Eye Cream SPF 8....30 ML - Retail Wish-Radiance Enhancing Cream 50 ML - Retail
When skin is at rest, the Night Eye Cream works to rebuild cell tissue and stimulate healthy cellular regeneration by as much as 50%. Enriched with youth hormones the Night Eye Cream protects skin against damaging free radicals, increases keratin, promotes protein synthesis and reinforces cell immunity in the delicate eye area.
This non-oily Day Eye Cream lightens, smoothes, strengthens and protects the delicate eye contour for a more youthful skin from the inside out. This deep penetrating, anti-aging, antioxidant rich formula increases the energy production of healthy cells, hydrates and rejuvenates maturing skin while combating environmental damage.
Complete treatment moisturizer formulated with Glycolic & Kojic Acids and fortified with potent anti-oxidants to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone and increase skin resilience.
Wish-Rejuvenating Serum 30 ML - Retail Wish-Eye and Neck Lifting Serum 30 ML - Retail Wish-Absolute Confidence 30 ML - Retail
The ultimate age-defying Rejuvenating Serum stimulates cell proliferation and skin renewal. A blend of powerful ingredients prevents cellular water loss, and helps to keep the skin firm, smooth and protected from damaging free radicals, while effectively helping to reduce discoloration.
Eye and Neck Lifting Serum imitates the naturally occurring proteins found in skin to effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Targeting the eye and neck areas, this advanced formula provides essential moisture, protection against environmental damage and a noticeable skin-firming and toning effect.
This innovative age-defying serum features two scientifically advanced biomimetic peptides that work in unique combination to prevent lean muscle contractions around the eyes and forehead for a visible reduction in expression wrinkles.